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  Company Name (in alphabetical order) Location Service

1 ABLE Overseas Reinsurance Company, Ltd. FSM Licensed Captive
2 AIG Insurance Management Services, Inc. Hawaii, USA Licensed Captive Manager
3 Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. Japan Insurance Company
4 Alakai Global Inc.   FSM Licensed Captive Manager
5 Allianz Fire and Marine Insurance Japan Ltd. Japan Insurance Company
6 Aon Japan Limited Japan Insurance Broker
7 Blue Ocean Risk Management Limited FSM Licensed Captive Manager
8 Central Pacific Bank Hawaii, USA Banking
9 Clifton JMIS Reinsurance Brokers Inc. FSM Licensed Captive Manager
10 Concord Enterprise Insurance Co., Ltd. Bermuda Captive
11 Island Reinsurance Corporation FSM Licensed Captive
12 KMH, LLP Hawaii, USA Accounting and Audit
13 Kyoritsu Insurance Brokers of Japan CO., LTD. Japan Insurance Broker
14 Marble Reinsurance Company FSM Licensed Captive
15 Marsh Broker Japan, Inc. Japan Insurance Broker
16 Micronesia Insurance Management Company FSM Licensed Captive Manager
17 MRA Advisors Inc. FSM Consulting
18 MST Risk Consulting Co., Ltd. Japan Insurance Broker
19 Pacific Risk Solutions Hawaii, USA Consulting
20 RAM International Co., Ltd. Japan Consulting
21 Ramp & Mida Law Firm FSM Legal
22 Rivelle Consulting Services California, USA Actuarial
23 Sojitz Reinsurance Company Limited FSM Licensed Captive
24 Toyota Tsusho Reinsurance Micronesia Corp. FSM Licensed Captive


Japan Associate Member
26 Undisclosed FSM Licensed Captive
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