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2016 CIC Captive Insurance Seminar


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About the FSM Captive Insurance Council   FSM Captive Insurance Council Directors and Officers
The FSM Captive Insurance Council was formed in 2009 by companies with a vested interest in the growth and development of the Federated State of Micronesia (FSM) as a viable captive insurance domicile.  With almost twenty Japanese-owned captive insurance companies either licensed or approved to be licensed, the FSM has become the preeminent captive insurance domicile for Japan-based companies. 

The Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia enacted legislature in 2006 that allowed for the creation and operation of captive insurance companies in this country.  The FSM captive insurance domicile was designed to appeal to Japan-based corporations through statutes that offer favorable tax rates and flexibility in selecting reporting currency, accounting standards and service providers.


Ieske Iehsi (of MIMC)
Atsushi  Nakamoto (of Interisk)
Shinichi Kandatsu (of Aon Japan)
 Jim Moonier (of MRA)
Kembo Mida (Ramp & Mida Law)
Ross Murakami (of KMH CPAs)
Joanne Arizumi (First Hawaiian Bank)
Koji Kamei (of AIG)
Ken Motoda (of Allianz Japan)
Eiji Tajima (of Marsh Japan)
Colin Teraoka (of First Insurance)
Tony Schmidt (of Pacific Solutions)
Kazunori Takei (of Sapphire MCC)
Fumio Uesugi (of Willis)
Ken Yoshizaki (of Blue Ocean)


Chairman – Yasuyuki Fujishima (Gojokai)     
President –  Jim Moonier (MRA)
Vice President – Shinichi Kandatsu (Aon Japan)
Secretary – Eiji Tajima(Marsh Japan)
Treasurer – Mark Heath (MRA)
Assistant Treasurer – Ayako Ueda(MRA)
Assistant Secretary – Teruko Lanzi(Marsh Hawaii)

FSM Insurance Council (c) 2011