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2015 CIC Captive Insurance Seminar

The 2015 Captive Insurance Seminar was held on November 04, 2015 at the Aoyama Diamond Hall and was followed by a joint reception hosted by the FSM Embassy in Tokyo, CIC and MRA.  

His Excellency, the recently inaugurated President Peter Christian of the FSM opened the CIC seminar with welcoming remarks and was the marque speaker at the evening’s reception.  Other notable speakers included the newly appointed Attorney General  Joses Gallen, the Insurance Commissioner Jesse Giltamag and the former Japanese ambassador to the the FSM, Mr. Shoji Sato. 

Additionally,  the President or members of his delegation  also participated in 2 other seminars, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka, this same week that promoted the FSM Captive Insurance  Domicile and other programs.

Seminar Program (English)

2015 Seminar
CIC Seminar Aoyama Diamond Hall 2015
President Commissioner
President Peter Christian Insurance Commissioner Jesse Giltamag
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